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Micheal Yeager, PhD

Michael.Yeager@cuanschutz.edu | Phone: 303-724-4193

I have a long track record of teaching and mentoring >2,500 undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, as well as post-doctoral trainees. My leadership roles in education on the CU Anschutz Campus are wide ranging, from medical school block director to laboratory teaching of undergraduates, and mentoring students and fellows in our busy research lab.


Hello! I am a professional research assistant with MYKC lab. I graduated college with my bachelors in 2015 and have worked for the university since 2017. I’ve lived in Colorado for almost 16 years and I enjoy snowboarding, reading and writing fiction.


I am a master's student in the department of bioengineering. My project involves investigating insufficient right ventricle lymphatic function in pulmonary arterial hypertension and how that contributes to the development of myocardial edema and pericardial effusion. My hobbies include running, training for triathlons and anything that gets me outdoors with my dogs!


I am a bioengineering undergraduate student whose interests include cell and tissue engineering, quantitative analysis, and image analysis. My research includes building tools to quantitatively analyze histology samples with MATLAB. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and backpacking in the mountains.


Kelley Colvin, MA

Kelley.Colvin@cuanschutz.edu | Phone: 303-724-4192

My job title is Research Instructor but I work as a Co-Investigator with Dr. Michael Yeager in our MYKC laboratory. I have worked as a professional researcher for over 30 years, it is my pleasure to say the most interesting and fun have been the last 12 years with Dr. Yeager. Our success is due to our collaboration and ability to bring out our smartest, most concise, on point efforts as a shared concentus. I am a very proud partner of the MYKC team. I enjoy many things, especially nice weather, gardening, walks in nature, and a fine cocktail.


Howdy, I’m Jake Gray and I am doing my PhD in the department of bioengineering at CU, Anschutz Medical Campus. Prior to moving to Colorado, I was a non-traditional undergraduate student at the University of North Texas where I completed a BA in biology. I joined the MYKC Lab in late 2019, and my work here will focus on congenital heart disease in persons with Down syndrome


Hello! My name is Kat, and I am a first-year master's student in Bioengineering. My thesis project involves using advanced statistical analyses and machine learning through Matlab to identify key biomarkers associated with respiratory tract infections in peripheral blood samples of persons with Down syndrome. I was born

and raised in Colorado, and some of my hobbies include traveling, motorcycle riding, and Chinese lion dancing.


My name is Shree and I'm an undergraduate in Bioengineering. My interests mainly lie in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, and tissue engineering. After recently joining the lab, I've focused on cell culture and am currently learning more about genotyping. I was born and raised in India before moving to Colorado in 2010 and have been loving it ever since! I enjoy my free time exploring the Rocky Mountains with my family.


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