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Our Focus

Our primary interest is how the lung vasculature -blood vessels and particularly lymphatics- operate during episodes of acute and chronic inflammation. In studying these phenomena we examine lung tissue, peripheral blood mononuclear cells and plasma from patients, children and adults, with pulmonary hypertension. We utilize three different rat models of pulmonary hypertension, one of which allows us to test auto-immune and auto-inflammatory processes in the lung vasculature. We combine these models with genetic, pharmacologic, and immune-based modulations. In addition, we are developing 3-D co-culture models that mimic the peri-bronchovascular space. Our future plans for this system are to test the interactions of adventitial fibroblasts and immune cells under biological and pathological interstitial flow conditions. Here, we are keenly interested in both the cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, and the effect of flow on these interactions and on cell phenotype.


Research Overview

Basic Research

  • 2D & 3D Heart, Lung, Immune Cell Co-Culture

  • Interstitial Fluid Flow & Cell Morphology/Migration

  • Flow Cytometry


Translational Research

  • In Vivo Modeling of Cardiopulmonary Disease

    • Live Imaging, Cell Lineage Tracing, Cell Tracking

    • Bone Marrow Transplantation

    • T2 MR Imaging, Lymphatic Fluid Imaging

Clinical Science

  • Immune/Autoimmune Phenomena

  • Cardiopulmonary Disease

  • Down Syndrome

About Us

The Michael Yeager Lab is a multi-disciplinary laboratory based out of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Our lab specializes in cardiopulmonary science, immunology and inflammation biology, grant writing, scientific ethics, as well as oral and written communication. We pride ourselves on our cutting edge science and research as well as our baccalaureate, graduate, and post-graduate training. Our lab has made 12 publications in the last 12 months placing the MYKC Lab in the top 1% of cardiopulmonary journals. We have successfully trained a wide range of students who have continued on to successful careers in medical school, graduate school, industry, and industry employment. 

The Micheal Yeager Lab partners with many organizations and granting institutions. With a wide variety of partners, we are able to complete a wide range of research in many disciplines. Our lab also provides basic and translational services. For more information please visit the 'Services' tab.

With access to a large amount of resources and industry leading scientists, we maintain a professional work space designed to prepare future leaders in a highly competitive industry. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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